Story Telling Photography

We understand the change in todays media language and the value of story telling imagery is becoming more and more relevant.

Used mainly across social media channels, story telling imagery can instantly create drama and convey your brand personality. These type of images are also great for case studies and presentation work both digitally and in print. Speaking of which, here are some of our case studies:

“ Why use Soora to tell your story? Well if you notice, the common dominator with these pictures below are that they all show real people. Real teams, real customers, real things happening and that needs to be captured in a way that looks totally authentic. We at Soora pride ourselves first and foremost at being excellent directors, ones who can put people at ease quickly and then capture the story as it unfolds ”.

Strong Body Coach

Strong Body Coach Local personal trainer, Pete Bodley-Scott was launching his new fitness company and needed dynamic story-telling lifestyle led imagery that communicated the energy and atmosphere at his fitness classes and 121 sessions.

business lifestyle photography collage

SitWiz pro

SitWiz pro came to us with a brief that required us to provide a series of images they could use on packaging, social media and other digital media channels. The images needed to essentially bring their product to life. Soora was the perfect all round solution.

business lifestyle photography collage

Web Credible

Web Credible: Leading UX Agency WebCred know the value of social media so it’s no surprise that they made the very wise investment of having us in for the day photographing a whole host of activities showing their offices and offerings. It’s been fun to watch our images being used EVERYWHERE.

Team lifestyle photography collage


AgeUK in Merton needed to bring their centre to life and wanted to show the variety of services they offered along with the divers array of people who attended the centre.

business lifestyle photography collage

Bayley & Sage

Bayley & Sage:  London’s leading and award-winning Deli’s Bayley & Sage relay on imagery on a massive scale. As an aspirational brand, producing imagery for them has been all about creating images that produce stories people want to picture themselves in.

business lifestyle photography collage

Naked Health Medi Spa

Naked Health:  A combined beauty and medical cosmetics clinic in SW London, Naked Health wanted to refresh their website as well as grow a bank of images for their social media profile. They needed polished images  of their premises and treatments using real staff so that their brand shone through.

Professional photography lifestyle collage

Enabled Living

Enabled Living:  A fast-growing social care agency, Enabled Living commissioned us to produce a set of consistant headshots of their team as well as a series of ‘what we do’ images to use on a newly commissioned website.

Professional photography lifestyle collage

Story telling imagery can start from as little as £195 and comes with full unlimited usage rights internationally. Click here for all our prices, or contact us to discuss your requirements.