Corporate Headshots
In studio and on location

3 simple steps to achieve your best corporate headshots

When it comes to corporate headshots, we recognise that you want to achieve the best results with the least inconvenience to you and your team, and our three-step process is designed specifically with that in mind, offering a bespoke service tailored to your needs. View our gallery here

1. The Style

Choose the style first; what do you want your corporate headshots to say about your business? Then choose the background: a plain colour in the studio, a key landmark on location* or your own offices? Finally finish off by selection your price plan and date.

corporate headshot

The Suit

Playing it straight, this is the classic corporate look. Your image says it all: successful, authoritative and professional. You mean business.

corporate headshot

The Creative

You’re approachable, confident, and unafraid to show your personality. This is about what you and your original ideas can bring to the table.

corporate headshot

The Lifestyler

A relaxed take on the conventional business pose, this is the professional approach with a modern, natural twist which can be done inside or outside your premises.

2. The Background


Looking for privacy and simplicity? A plain colour background in our Pop-Up Pod Corporate studio is the option for you.


Perhaps your very own plush office interior would make the ideal backdrop for your shoot.


Is there a key landmark near your office? This could make a great location*.

3. The Finish

Choose your price plan, your date and we’ll do the rest completing the story with our our award winning post-production treatment to give you a polished image enviable by all your peers.

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image first quote for headshots

Behind the scenes


Here’s a little behind the Scenes time lapse at one of our pop-ups at National Grid HQ in London

fixed portrait studio in london