Talking Head Video Services

Talking Head Video Services

At Soora, did you know that we also offer video services? While we do not attempt to compete with film production companies, we can still offer high quality, professional videography services to you for your company. ‘Talking Head’ videos are frequently becoming more used within large or smaller companies for a variety of uses. These uses include, but are not limited to: 

  • Customer Testimonials 
  • Recruitment drives 
  • Company Announcements 
  • Advertising your company
  • Email signatures 
  • Employee training 
  • Competition entries


There are many reasons as to why video services are so successful for companies now. Research suggests that viewers find it easier to remember and absorb more information when watching it as a video, rather than just reading long texts or paragraphs in emails, that could be easily overlooked. Employees report feeling more motivated to watch a video instead of reading a document and it feels more personal for the employee to watch a video from their superiors and makes general communication more effective between recipients. 

However, working with competitive videography specialist services can be quite expensive as their overheads are far greater (a wider array for filming equipment and specialist technology and software is required for big budget film production). However, as we only specialise in corporate talking head videos, we can use the equipment we already have for still (more or less) which enables us to keep our costs down and pass these reductions on to our clients. If you decide to book your team headshots with Soora, we can also take video footage at the same time. Please contact us for our rate card, but a short 1 minute talking head video can start from as little as £255

Please see some examples below: