One Take Talks | E04 | 5 Tips to Choosing the Right Location

One Take Talks | E04 | 5 Tips to Choosing the Right Location

Choosing the right location for your headshots can be very important.  Representing your brand correctly is vital, and something as small as this can largely effect that.

At Soora, we really like using textured backgrounds, especially brick walls.  You can find them anywhere in London, and make the perfect backdrop for your corporate headshot.

However, anything with an interesting texture will do.  With a bokeh effect, we are able to blur the background, yet keeping your face and features sharp to give a really clean, interesting shot.

Nature is always a great route to go down.  If you want something quite general and broad and do not have a specific location representing your brand like an office, or workplace.


Thanks for taking the time to watch this weeks vlog, and we shall see you for another One Take Talks next Friday!

In light of Government advise, we are taking measures to ensure our studio is hygienic and germ free. We also offer hand sanitiser upon entering our premise to all visitors.

Business as usual at Soora. Thank You