How should you use your corporate lifestyle pictures

How should you use your corporate lifestyle pictures

So, you’ve commisioned some photography for your business, but how should you be using those pictures?

We live in a visual world where imagery is viewed constantly and used across various channels. But how we use these images can make all the difference when attracting new customers. Strong imagery triggers emotions and reactions, and as specialist corporate photographers, we work closely with our clients to develop a library of images that best represent what they do, who they are and what they sell. Here is an example of a Personal Trainer (Pete Bodley Scott of Strong Body Coach) who wanted to use a selection of images that represented his brand, his services and his culture.

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You’ll notice from the above collage of images that we have three key messages:

  1. A strong headshot of who the business owner is.
  2. Some close up interaction shots of his 1-2-1 personal training services.
  3. A few wider dynamic shots representing the boot camp classes.

With a selection of pictures covering all aspects of this business, our client was able to utilise the pictures across various communications. So how did each set of images work:

  1. His headshot was used on his company website profile page as well as on his personal LinkedIn page. The headshots are also useful for when he’s commenting on something on industry forums. Headshots are also great for any press coverage as well as any print literature he may need in the future where he introduces himself. Headshots are your virtual handshake, so it’s worth taking the time to ensure you get a strong image.
  2. This specific business had two revenue streams, personal training and group boot camp fitness classes. We had to ensure we provided images that differentiated between the two as the personal training images needed to communicate the expert professionalism and knowledge you receive as well as the experience you got from this service. It needed to look like the company offered a professional service, but one that was fun and engaging. These are the kind of images that could be shared on social media, used when promoting a special offer. They are also so totally necessary on the company website.
  3. The bootcamp shots needed to show how dynamic and varied these classes were. These images are perfect for article writing, social media, website content and much much more. The images show real people participating in his classes which further communicated the diversity of people who attend the class.

A great deal of organisations think that buying usage rights to library pictures would be cheaper, however all of the above would come under our half day rate which start from as little as £400. For this, not only do you get a set of bespoke images that work perfectly with your company, brand and message; but you also get a set of images that can be used across a number of media with no added cost because you would retain FULL usage rights. for further info.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]