A pop-up studio at National Grid HQ in London from start to finish

A pop-up studio at National Grid HQ in London from start to finish

The National Grid recently asked us to come to their offices for a Photoshoot

We were so excited when National Grid called us and asked us to come to their offices so that we could set up a professional headshot studio on their premises, especially when we discovered that we also got a room with a view of Trafalgar square in Central London.

We arrived early with our gear which consisted of two Bowens flash lights with soft boxes, one backdrop stand and one white backdrop screen. We also had a good selection of pro Canon lenses as well as our shiny new Canon 5D Mark IV.

When we arrived, the space we were given contained a table and a few chairs, but after a few minutes of moving them over to one side, we were all ready to go. It took around 30 minutes to set-up our pop-up studio and test the lighting etc.

As with all our headshot clients, we had our model release forms ready as well as our amazing multi gender shine removal make-up. A must essential for any pro portrait photographer, after all there’s only so much we can do in post production. National Grid wanted us to photograph their front of house sales team and we had to photograph around 9 people.

We usually offer our team headshot sessions in half or full day bookings and can shoot up to 15 people in a half day and 30 people in a full day. Most people feel nervous when they first step in to our pop-up studio, but here at Soora we like to price ourselves as being excellent people people so we take extra care in ensuring everyone feels relaxed and themselves in front of our camera.

Its important to us that we capture people’s personalities and that their portrait comes across as being authentic.


Anyway, please sit back and enjoy this short timeless studio and don’t forget to give us a shout if you have any questions at all. Call Nina on 07905818028 or drop her an email.