Quite often we get asked the question ‘so how long does it take for you to set-up one of your pop-up studios and how much space will we need’? A professional portrait studio can be set-up anywhere so long as we have an open space of about 3×3 meters with access to mains power. Ideally if the room has a window and there is a mechanism to blackout the space with blinds or thick curtains, this will ensure there is no excess light bleed.


We usually suggest a time frame of around 30-40 minutes to set up our mobile studio and around 20-30 minutes to set down. We will ensure that the site is safe and all loose cables are taped down. All our professional headshot equipment is insured and we carry full indemnity insurance as well.


You’ll notice from this timeless video of the Soora corporate photography team setting up that we have chosen to put up a white screen in the back ground, however we can provide any colour backdrop you need.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Soora team on info@soora.co.uk

In light of Government advise, we are taking measures to ensure our studio is hygienic and germ free. We also offer hand sanitiser upon entering our premise to all visitors.

Business as usual at Soora. Thank You