One Talk Takes | E02

One Talk Takes | E02

How to prep for your headshot session!

Wash your hair! The camera can see more than you think! so remember to show your best self.

What will you wear?  Clothing is one of the biggest factors in making sure that you are representing who you are and what you do in the best way possible.  Are you a creative? A professional?  Would a suit and tie suite you? or a simple shirt and a smile? A sleek blazer or a pretty floral dress?  Take all thank into account when prepping for the shoot.

Colours?  Of course wear the colours you love, however you must take into account if you are using black & white images, to be aware that reds and oranges can wash you out.  Are you using a black background? Will your black shirt clash too much with the background and vice vera with white and grey.

Makeup! You don’t need to put a full face on, especially is the is not what you usually do.  However, the lights and lens can be a bit harsher when compared to the naked eye, so a little foundation and powder can make a massive difference.

And last but not least, ENJOY yourself!  A little twinkle in your eye and a small smile can go a long way.


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